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about me

Is your wallet a mess? Forget it! Scan your receipts with the app and let me deal with:

  • keeping the receipts
  • premembering about the return and end of warranty dates
  • statistics of your monthly expenditure
  • returns, claims or complaints.

Be calm and take it easy when you keep all your receipts and expenditure under control.

I recognize data automatically

I read myself all the data from the receipts e.i place name, purchase date or how much it was paid. The receipts are categorised so as to give you a better control over expenses. Your comfort is of the upmost importance to me.

I remind about
the warranty end date

I will remind you about the end of warranty and return dates. It will help you return the faulty or unwanted goods before those dates expire!

I plan and control
you expenses

Do you need to know how much and on what you spend your money monthly? Not a penny will be spent unnoticed thanks to “the statistics” functionality. You will have your expenditure analised and your budget planned for the next month with a little help from me.