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I will take care of your receipts and loyalty cards

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About me

I am a rather neat personality so I am concerned about keeping your wallet neat and tidy. I will store the receipts as well as the loyalty cards and will remind you of the returning date of goods and warranty terms. You will gain full control of the purchase proofs with me.Don't worry about the lost or faded receipts any more. Check for yourself what else I can do for you.

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Plan and control your budget

It is good to know how much we spend each month and on what. The option statistics will not let anything slip out of you control. With a little help from me you will quite easily plan you monthly budget.

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I remind you the warranty terms

I will let you know when the warranty terms are soon over. And you will never forget about them and return the defective goods in the right time

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Automatic data recognition

I read the information from the receipts myself, like store name, date of purchase or the price paid. Your comfort is of the greatest importance to me.

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