We will answer all your questions

  • What are the costs of using the app?


    The application is free. However, there is an option to donate its developers. For the free usage you have the possibility to show us gratitude with a coffee on you ( Menu- patronize option). Thanks to this, you will get the access to additional functionalities.

  • Is there a possibility to edit or create your own categories?


    Yes, it's possible to add your own categories. To create them, you need to add or edit a receipt and then go to "My categories" and choose "Add" option. Your categories' names can include letters, numbers, symbols and emoji.

    If you used hashtags before, now you can seen them as your own categories.

  • How can I check “My categories” statistics?


    To check "My categories" statistics you need to buy us a coffe (use the patronize option). After that you need to go to "Statistics" section and click the icon in the top right corner (the one that looks like a T-shirt).

  • What happens when I buy you a coffe (use the patronize option)?


    If you buy us a coffee, you'll get the access to some extra functionalities:

    • - you'll be able to download your expenses' statistics as an csv file (you can open and edit it using Excel),
    • - you'll be able to check "My categories" statistics.
  • Where are my receipts stored?


    Receipts are stored on our servers. Thanks to it when you loose or change your phone, you will be able to retrieve all the receipts. In order to do it log into the app with your Facebook or Google account. In addition, you may set the app to make copies of the receipts photos in a gallery of your phone.

  • Is it possible to store my receipts in the cloud?


    Yes, it is possible.

    If you're an Andoird user, first set the app to make copies of the receipts photos in a gallery of your phone. After that go to your mobile's settings and synchronize the copies with your cloud.

    If you're an iOS user, first go to your mobile's settings and enable MrReceipt to save copies of your receipts in iCloud. After that go to MrReceip's settings and set the app to make copies of the receipts photos in iCloud.

  • When the receipts are moved to the archives?


    Receipts are automatically moved to the archive after their term of warranty expires. In order to display the archived items change filters by clicking on the funnel in the right top application corner. When you set "Show me" in an "expired" mode, the app will display the archived receipts.

  • Is there a possibility to share the receipts with multiple users?


    In order to share the entire account, the user you want to share it with must be logged in to their account in the PanParagon app. Then:

    -Expand the side menu→share center
    -In the blank field, enter the email address of the user to whom you want to share the account→send.
    -The user will receive an email confirmation of the account sharing, which he should approve. He can also enter the approval code visible in the application of the user sharing the account.

  • Can I use different than Google or Facebook account?


    No, this is not possible. Google and Facebook accounts are the only way to create an account in an app.

  • My receipts has disappeared! What can I do?


    Check if the filters for dates or prices are on. Make sure the receipt you are looking for has not been moved to the archive (funnel icon in the right top application corner). If all the filters are off and your still cannot see your receipts please contact us by sending a message (Android: Menu-> "Send report", iOS: (More-> "Report a problem")

  • How to delete your account?


    If you want to delete your account, log into the app and follow the instructions below:
    -Android: Burger Menu -> Settings -> at the bottom of the screen is the "Delete Account" button.
    -iOS: Bottom bar "More" -> Settings -> at the bottom of the screen is the "Delete Account" button.

  • The app is missing the currency I need.


    Send us a message from the app Android: (Menu → „Send report”) IOS: (More -> Report a problem) with the information which currency is missing. It will be added in the next version of the app.

  • Are the images of the receipts in the app accepted in the stores?


    In order to make claims or returns of goods you do not need the paper original receipt. It is enough if you have a copy, the image of which is available in the app. However, in case you are asked for a receipt on paper you may easily have it printed from your app. For more information please refer to the opinion from a lawyer available at https://panparagon.pl/public/data/lawyerOpinion.pdf

  • Will I see my receipts even if my phone is replaced or lost?


    In order to make sure your receipts are saved, please use the app after log in with Facebook or Google account. When you log into an app on a new/ different device please log in again with the Facebook/Google account and all your receipts will be retrieved.