FAQ - najczęściej zadawane pytania


Yes, Mr Receipt is a comprehensive shopping app. In addition to scanning and storing receipts, in the app you can also:

  • check spending statistics,
  • browse promotional newspapers,
  • search for the best promotions in the product search engine,
  • store loyalty cards,
  • create shopping lists,
  • use discount coupons,
  • insure electronic equipment.

Make sure you have not enabled filters in the app, such as date range or prices. Make sure the receipt has not been moved to the archive (funnel icon in the upper right corner of the app). If all filters are disabled and you still don’t see your receipts, contact us about it by sending a ticket from the app (Menu -> ‘Send ticket).

The receipts are stored on our servers. This way, when you lose or replace your phone, you can recover your receipts. To make this possible, use the app after logging in through your Google or Facebook account. In addition, you can check in the settings for the application to create a local copy of the photos of receipts in the gallery of your phone.

If you have an Android phone, go to the app’s settings and enable a local copy of your data on your phone (in the gallery), then from your phone enable cloud sync.

If you have an iOS phone, go to your phone’s settings and select PanaParagon as one of the apps that can use iCloud. Then go to PanaParagon and in the settings, check the “Store receipt photos in iCloud” option.

To make sure your receipts are preserved, use the app after logging in with your Facebook or Google account. On a new device, log in again with the same account – then your receipts will be restored.

Receipts automatically go to the archive when their warranty expires. To view archive receipts, change the filters by clicking on the funnel icon (upper right corner of the application screen). When you set the “Show” option to mode: “Expired”, the application will display archived receipts.

The application language is adapted to the language of the operating system on the phone. It is not possible to change it from within the application.

Yes, you can add your own categories in MrParagon. To create them, when adding or editing a receipt, click the “+” sign in the “My Categories” field and enter the name of the category you want to create. The names of your categories can contain letters, numbers, special characters and emoticons.

If you have used hastags before, they will be automatically converted into their own categories.

You can read more about custom categories in this post.

To delete your own category, you need to edit all receipts on which the category you want to delete is added.

To check the statistics of your own categories, go to the “Statistics” tab. Then click on the icon symbolizing a T-shirt (visible in the upper right corner).

The statistics of expenses labeled with their own categories are available after placing any coffee. You can read about how to do it in this article.

When you place any coffee, you will get access to additional functionality. This will give you the ability to:

  • download the statistics of your expenses as a CSV file that you open in Excel,
  • check the statistics of your expenses labeled with your own categories.

Access to statistics is immediate. We do not send an activation code. You need to refresh the application or log out and log in, and you will be able to access the statistics.

Thank you for wanting to support us! Payment for coffee must be made through Google Play or the App Store. If the payment methods available there are not suitable for you, you can use Google Play or App Store gift cards. You can learn more about them from the following pages:

The same instructions also apply to individual loyalty cards and shopping lists.
The person who is to preview your selected receipt must be logged in to their account in the PanParagon app.

Then so that you can share the receipt:

  1. Go to the PARAGONS tab → select the specific one you want to share
  2. In the upper right corner there is a share icon (next to the printer symbol) → click on the icon → share receipt
  3. Enter the email address to which the person you want to share the receipt logs into the application.
  4. The person to whom you want to share the receipt will receive an email asking for confirmation. After accepting it, he/she will get access to the receipt you shared.

In order to share the entire account, the user you want to share it with must be logged in to their account in the PanParagon app. Then:

  1. Expand the side menu→share center
  2. In the blank field, enter the email address of the user to whom you want to share the account→send.
  3. The user will receive an email confirmation of the account sharing, which he should approve. He or she can also enter the approval code visible in the application of the user sharing the account.

The application is completely free. There is an option to voluntarily support its creators. For using the application, you can thank us by buying us a coffee (Menu → “support us” option). This will give you access to additional functionality.

No, logging in with a Google or Facebook account is the only way to create an account in the app.

If you want to delete your account, log into the app and follow the instructions below:

-Android: Burger Menu -> Settings -> at the bottom of the screen is the “Delete Account” button.

-iOS: Bottom bar “More” -> Settings -> at the bottom of the screen is the “Delete Account” button.

Send us a request from the application (Menu -> “Send Request”) with information about what currency is missing. It will be added in the next version of the application.

You do not need the original receipt to make a claim or return. All you need is a copy of it – in this case, a photo available in the PanParagon app. However, if the seller requests a paper receipt, you can easily print it out.